Your Requirements for Psychology Continuing Education


As a part of your training in , you are required to continue
your even after you have passed every exam and been certified
by every board. ensure that
men and women practicing in the behavioral sciences stay current on
recent advances in techniques and technology in .
can be met with a variety of formats such as
lectures, seminars, online workshops, conferences, video conferences,
and the traditional form of medical grand rounds. There are also a
variety of independent learning opportunities that can make up to 75% of
the required continued .
With the exception of new licensees, all licensed psychologists must
complete a minimum of 36 hours of each time they
renew their license. As noted above, there are a variety of ways to meet
this requirement and can focus on any of several topics. The only
requirement of the American Board of is that the
courses must be approved by the MCEPAA or be provided by the
American Psychological Association approved sponsors.
It is important that you maintain confirmation and certification of all
of the that you have
completed. MCEPAA courses will report directly to the Board of
, but many other courses, including independent learning, must
be reported online via the MCEPAA website. The MCEPAA will keep track
of how many hours you have accrued and will count them toward your
As noted above, each renewal of a psychologist’s license requires 36
hours of credits. These must be accumulated within
the 24 months immediately preceding the expiration of the psychologist’s
license and extensions cannot be granted. If you are a psychologist
that has not completed the ,
you are not eligible to renew your license.
There are a very few exemptions from the for this type of
license renewal. Psychologists that are exempt include those that have
lived in another country or state for more than a year, those that were
in active military service, those that have had a total physical or
mental disability for at least a year, or those that have been caring
for a family member that has a total physical or mental disability. If
you fall under one of these categories, be sure to contact the MCEPAA or
American Board of Psychologists to get more information about your
As a psychologist, it is your responsibility to ensure you are familiar
with these and stay up-to-date when you are trying to renew
your license. Your medical practice requires you to comply with these
guidelines and your patients will appreciate it.

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