Psychology Continuing Education Through Book Exams


There are so many different types of course strategies available today. Technology has brought about huge changes in the way we get our credits, or any professional learning credits for that matter. We have come to equate the Internet with convenience as it applies to coursework. , reading material, seminars, and even professional meetings with colleagues can happen long-distance over the web.Now, we can use the Internet for everything from organizing our client notes to organizing our calendars. It’s never been easier to fulfill our CECs. In fact, its about as simple as shopping online for a pair of shoes. All that is required is a little research on topic and type of programming. Click purchase, download or whatever other requirements the website puts forth and we’re set. Websites make it easy to gain credits because they work around our schedule. If we are commuting by train to work, we can quickly access the material on our mobile device. If we have time between clients, just call up the material and spend a bit of time browsing for the exam. The web makes learning easier, faster and more convenient. We have access to the entire world’s library.Yet, with everything on the Internet nowadays, occasionally it’s nice to get away. As practicing psychologists we can spend hours a day staring at our computer, smart phone and tablet devices. Occasionally, perhaps rarely, it would be nice to just sit back and read a book. There is something about reading up on a text that provides insight into a new topic or one that has recently come-up with a client can be relaxing to some people.There is nothing to be ashamed about being a tactile learner and reader. Having the material in front of you to touch, highlight, review and reread is naturally more comfortable for some. Whereas learning slides or web programming is good for others. The important thing to know is that you there options available for every learner. In fact, as you likely know, there are other choices available like audio, DVD, CD-ROM and a few organizations, newsletter style .Those that choose the book route for the credits usually have a couple of choices when it comes to taking their exam following completion of the book. One option is to take the exam online programming created specifically by the authors of the book in collaboration with the company or school offering the course. The other option is to go old-fashioned and have a hard copy of the exam sent to your office or home address.Regardless of which exam style you choose, it is comforting knowing that you have options when it comes to choosing your courses. You don’t have to complete a web-based course. You can do things at a slower pace by sitting back and pouring over a book.Source: Free Articles from

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