Psychology: Continuing Education Beyond The Degree


In many fields, organized learning ends once a graduate has walked
across the stage with a diploma in hand. Certainly, every professional
will continue to learn about their chosen field through experience and
networking, but they may not ever have to sit in a classroom again. This
simply isn’t the case when it comes to the social sciences. For
, may be just as important to
professional development as what was learned at the university level. In
an ever-changing field, those who fail to keep up with the latest
research are doomed to be left behind.
Where you live and practice will have a big impact on your
path. States differ as to what they require for the
renewal of your license. It will be to your benefit to closely examine
the requirements for your state. This means not only making sure you
know how many hours of study you are required to attend, but which
materials and institutions are considered acceptable. States also may
have specific concentrations they require for their psychologists. For
instance, certain states may require that at least some of your hours be
focused on domestic violence or drug abuse. The major problems that
face your area will likely be a guide as to what the state will require
in the al materials.
Naturally, however, the importance of
expands simply meeting the requirements for the renewal of a
license. Those involved in research must keep themselves abreast of the
latest ethical and practical changes and discoveries in the field. Those
involved in therapy must also keep up with modern practices and trends.
Not that it makes any sense to change your therapy based on what
happens to be popular at the time, but all training can give you deeper
insight into the changes that can be possible. You have to know the
rules, after all, if you want to be able to break them.
In today’s world of , is easier and more
convenient than ever before. If you don’t have time to make it to a
classroom, you can simply make up your credits online. The APA provides a
great deal of material you can use to obtain CEUs. That is just one of
many organizations that can help you get the credits you need. Make sure
and check with the institution and with the state to ensure the credits
you are earning will count towards the renewal of your license.

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