Health Psychology Research and Professional Practice MPhil/PhD

With our team of
experts within at the University of Southampton, you can complete
your and /PhD programme –
helping you to take a massive step towards seniority in your profession.

This and /PhD programme
is approved by the and Care Professions Council – the statutory
regulator for practitioner psychologists in the UK. Importantly, it is a legal
requirement that anyone who wishes to practise using a title protected by the
Professions Order 2001 like ‘ Psychologist’ is on the HCPC

Our and /PhD programme
has also been awarded a commendation for an observation of unique and
innovative best by the HCPC. This was for its commitment to providing
trainees with opportunities for peer support through the organisation of
monthly update meetings with the other trainees and one of the
and /PhD programme

Furthermore, this and
/PhD programme is also accredited by the British Psychological Society.
The Society is the body responsible for developing and supporting
the discipline of and disseminating psychological knowledge to the
public and policy makers. It is the key body for and psychologists,
with numerous benefits of membership.

In terms of structure: a half-day of workshops and seminars is arranged monthly
in term-time, allowing students to meet with each other and the programme
director, and obtain expert input and training specific to the needs of
psychologists in training. As a and
/PhD student you are also able to freely access the very wide
range of training opportunities open to postgraduate students in the Academic
Unit, Faculty and University.

Simply visit to learn more about this Health Psychology Research and
Professional Practice


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