Are you on the lookout for the opportunity to study for a psychology doctorate by research?

At the
University of Southampton we offer many opportunities to for
degrees. After all, we are a Russell Group university with a solemn commitment
to provide our students and trainees with an outstanding led learning
experience, and that is no different on our MPhil/PhD .

This MPhil/PhD by programme is a pure
programme, which is normally completed within three to four years of full time
work, or up to seven years of part time work. As usual in UK universities: you
will initially register for the MPhil award before transferring to the PhD
after one year.

Unlike our other doctoral-level programmes, the MPhil/PhD
by is not linked to a particular field of professional practice; it
can therefore lead to a very broad range of careers in both academia and

At the University of Southampton our postgraduate community is a lively,
engaging and friendly group, within which scholarship and intellectual
discovery are encouraged.

We are sure that you will prosper and be happy within this community during
your , and go on yourself to contribute to that very
special sense of cooperation and support that we are proud to say is the
hallmark of postgraduate life here in Southampton.

On all measures of academic excellence, at Southampton has received
rankings which place it among the leading centres in Britain in terms of
output and expertise.

If you are interested in finding out more information about this MPhil/PhD psychology doctorate by from at
the University of Southampton, all you need to do is  go online and visit our website at
– once thereFeature Articles, simply click the postgraduate link and then look for the
degrees link.

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